Stamboom / Pedigree

Heart of Maine Kitty Tattoo


Dynamicats Just a Rumor, F, MCO w 61

Dynamicats Chasing Car's, MCO w
Wistariantale Snow Patrol, MCO w 64
Ma Coo Yippee, MCO f 23
Escape Roxy Blue, MCO a 22
omenEst Jupiter Jones, MCO a 09 22
Wytopitlock Leria Kersil, MCO g 22
Coonattack Cross The Water, M, MCO a IC Coonattack Redding Red Handed, MCO d 22 CH Tuscaloosa Ivanhoe of Chafervalley, MCO n 09 22
Mountaineer Kissimee of Coonattack, MCO gs
Lunaris Roxanne, MCO a Coonattack Mr. Morpheus of Lunaris, MCO n 22
Kititas Martha My Dear, MCO f 23