Stamboom / Pedigree

Heart of Maine D-nest / D-litter


Ormedon Queen Amy, F, MCO f 09 23

CH Coco Island Fernando, MCO n 09

CH Erasmus zur Waldemaine, MCO d 09 23

CH Dream Devil Upsala of Coco Island, MCO as 09 22

Ormedon Gotcha Groovy, MCO f 09 23

Spitzäcker Leonardo, MCO n 09 23

Royal Mainly Justa Tanglo, MCO d 22

IC Wildwillows Barclay James Harvest, M, MCO ns 09

QGC Koontucky Nighthawk of Wildwillows, MCO ns 09

RW-TGC Cooncreole Bocephus of Koontucky, MCO n 09 22

Koontucky Marvelicious, OD, MCO as 09 23

Wildwillows Naskapi, MCO fs

CH Hot Maylove Great Firestar of Wildwillows, MCO ds 22

CH Blackmoon Lovesong of Wildwillows, MCO n 23