Stamboom / Pedigree

Heart of Maine B-nest / B-litter


Ormedon Queen Amy, F, MCO f 09 23

CH Coco Island Fernando, MCO n 09

CH Erasmus zur Waldemaine, MCO d 09 23

CH Dream Devil Upsala of Coco Island, MCO as 09 22

Ormedon Gotcha Groovy, MCO f 09 23

Spitzäcker Leonardo, MCO n 09 23

Royal Mainly Justa Tanglo, MCO d 22

IC De Gritgravers Delyan, M, MCO as 09

The Coonspirators Silverface, MCO ds 22

GIC Cozy Farm Unplugged, MCO ns 22

Sade of Bouli's Home, MCO fs 23

CH Pitlochry Chevalric Glammov, MCO ns

Pitlochry Chevalric Arthur, MCO n 09 22

Jamy v. Fundalik, MCO as 22