Stamboom / Pedigree

Heart of Maine A-nest / A-litter


Sugar and Spice Lucille, F, MCO ns 22

Silver Shadow Child of Maine, MCO ns 22

SaskaKhan Dakota, MCO d 22

Kititas Blue Jeans, MCO as 22

Sugar and Spice Yentl, MCO g 09 22

Marquardt Cheeky, MCO a 09 22

Sugar and Spice Jolyn, MCO fs 22

GIC James Brown Child of Maine, M, MCO n 22

EC Sarafina Back Street Boy, MCO n 09 22

Guldfakse Tucson of Sarafina, MCO n 23

GIC Thundercats Wildflower, MCO f 09 22

Sydney Child of Maine, MCO g 09 22

EC Advent Hill Buddylee, MCO d 09 22

EC Georgia Child of Maine, MCO n 22